About us

Get to know us a little bit better. Read about how TreaTea was created!

The Story About Us

TreaTea was started when two college students had a dream. Both growing up in the Bay Area, Oscar Loyd and Parker Declercq met at the Entrepreneurship Club at the University of Nevada, Reno. In their Sophomore year. As President and Vice President of the club, respectively. They decided to embark on their entrepreneurship journey together.

Starting TreaTea was exciting and tough for both of them. They encountered many problems along the way but continued to push through as the fate of the business was in their hands.

Once a year, The University offers a $50,000 check toward a business, through the Sontag Competition. Participants judged in multiple rounds by a panel of experienced entrepreneurs. Excited to be given such an amazing opportunity they quickly applied. Currently, they are in the Finals round with one of three teams remaining! What may happen next isn’t known, but they are happy to be given such a great opportunity and hopefully will continue to run TreaTea for years to come!

The Founders

Parker Declercq

Co-founder: Marketing, Product Development

Oscar Loyd

Co-Founder: Outreach, Business Operations

Why Choose Our Blends?

Feel Better

Feel good knowing our teas are designed to help you!*

Solve your problems

All of our teas are created to solve your problems.*

Fresh And Organic Ingredients

Each one of our teas are grown organically.

Teas from around the world

Our teas are grown all around the world.

Why TreaTea?

The name TreaTea is a play on words meant to mean “Tea” designed to “Treat” your common ailments. This company was originally created  as a solution for the Co-Founder’s ongoing struggle with sleep insomnia, and the creation of the sleep blend was born.

Every single blend we create have a special place in our heart, and we are so happy to help people all over the world. Each blend is designed for an experience that no other tea can bring.* We hope you’ll love our blends just as much as we do!

We are so thankful for all the support we have been given. Thank you to the people who have shared their love and experiences with TreaTea, we are so glad we have helped! Also, Thank you so much for your support throughout this journey both of us can not thank you enough! ❤